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We reveal our top 10 daily essentials that we cannot live without!

What it is:  A pen-style highlighter that efficiently brings a soft sheer wash of colour to the skin. With its precision application, adds radiance just where you want it.

The MAC Prep and Prime Highlighters definitely qualify as one of the most frequently used items in my kit. They are truly perfect for anyone who wants to look red carpet ready at anytime. I use them for brides, editorial work and everyday in my own makeup routine. They are great for a light touch up over your makeup during the day, but also as a brightening base for your concealer. I personally love to apply a generous amount from the inner corner of my eye, all the way underneath my eyes and across my cheekbones.  Its also fabulous for a subtle highlight down the nose and as a way to soften the look of pronounced nasolabial folds. They have a beautiful, creamy, whipped texture that adds a natural luminosity to the skin. And with 4 colours there is something for almost everyone. Compared to other brighteners out there, I really feel that MAC Prep and Prime Highlighters offer the most bang for your buck. Maximum impact with minimal effort. You will absolutely notice that you look instantly refreshed and awake. 8 hours of sleep in a tube? Yes please.






Let’s just say these photos are not a joke! They speak for themselves right? Raunchy, vibrant, sexy, crazy and hardcore. In other words LIL KIM.

Recently I got a chance to work with a wicked team for VICE magazine. Norman Wong shot the spread and I loved working with him and his team, and needless to say he is incredibly talented.  I lent a helping hand to my friend and AMAZING makeup artist Mila Victoria  ( If you haven’t heard of Mila (there is no way you haven’t ) she is a very successful MUA in the T DOT. She is an inspiration to me and I  have looked up to her SKILLZ, since we met in 2009. 

As Lil Kim and Biggie Smalls blared in the background, we banged out 9 looks, makeup and hair at the Windsor Arms Hotel in Yorkville, Toronto. Clearly Lil Kim marches at the beat of her own drum, so using many different coloured wigs and vibrant makeup we had a blast recreating these looks! Dana Wright  was a perfect fit for the shoot and her personality  made the photos come to life.

Pick an issue up at American Apparel, the full spread is below and is also featured on  All in all this shoot and team were amazing and it was refreshing to get to do something crazy and OUT THERE!

Shout out to my thrilla, MILA VICTORIA for counting me in! xoxoxoxo

-BIANCA thelookbeauty











Photography: Norman Wong (Kathi Z Management)
Styling by Hazel Ong
Styling Assistant: Chris Barbarossa
Make Up & Hair by Mila Victoria (Plutino Group/Mac Cosmetics)
Make Up & Hair Assistant: Bianca Harris
Photography Assistant: Luis Mora
Production Assistant: Kathryn Dawson
Producer: Jessica Tjeng (Zinc Production)
Models: Dana, Dolph, and Dee


What’s in my makeup bag top 10 countdown – #8 TWEEZERMAN Pro Lash Curler

I know you are thinking, a lash curler is a lash curler right?

Nope! Meet the Tweezerman Pro Lash Curler.

I received this lash curler back in December. I decided not to blog about it until I used it for a while to see if it fell apart, or hurt my eyeballs. 

Dare I say this is the best lash curler I have ever used. I’ve tried drug store brands, high end brands, all of ’em. Previously I was using the Chanel Lash curler. It was good but hurt my eyes sometimes, and made my lashes stick straight up. 

The Tweezerman lash curler fits all my lashes inside, never pinches and doesn’t crimp my lashes in a weird unnatural way. It also comes with THREE refills for when the silicone deteriorates (I haven’t had to change mine yet since December).  I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and this comes in a pretty rose gold. Lastly this tool seems to be pretty sturdy, making it a ten out of ten! I never do my makeup without curling my lashes, it makes a huge difference whether you are going for a more natural look or amping it up. This is a tool I could not live without in my makeup bag.


A special shout out goes to the SHU UEMURA New Generation Half Lash curler, which I use on many clients. If your eye shape prevents your lashes from fitting into most of the lash curlers not the market try this one.  Its a smaller size and you can curl your lashes in sections.   Shu’s lash curler will do the job and do it well!

-Bianca TheLookBeauty






What’s in my makeup bag top 10 countdown – #9 MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow

We reveal our top 10 daily essentials that we cannot live without!

What it is: A creamy waterproof eye shadow or liner.

There is a fair amount of decent competition in the gel/cream liner world these days. But in my opinion Make Up For Ever Aqua Black tops the list. Not only is it super black, but it stays in place like nothing else. Even in the waterline! It has a smooth, creamy texture that allows you to create a beautiful clean liner, yet enough working time to smudge it out into a smoldering smokey eye. This is a staple you shouldn’t be without!

Erin –TheLookBeauty